Last chance super sale

Bridle is without reins and without browband, can have small storage defects.

But can be used perfectly.


The round sewn Royal H. "Royal Blue" double bridle is a very beautiful, noble, handmade bridle without a browband.

The noseband is conical in shape, approx. 4.5 cm wide and has a Swedish noseband.

The buckling in the neck ensures that the pressure is evenly distributed. Many horses respond with a more stable contact and better permeability.


The Velcro neck shell is variably adjustable and exchangeable with Velcro fasteners. This is included in the price.


The bridle is delivered without reins and without a browband.


The double bridle cannot be exchanged.


The expected delivery date can be found on the invoice.



There may be different delivery times at any time, we will be happy to inform you on request.


Black Gold Week Sale Double Bridle "Royal Blue"