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Royal H. Big Stones leather halter


Our beautiful handcrafted Royal H. leather halter made of the best Italian premium leather with Big Stones shiny glass stone elements on the noseband.


Highest wearing comfort, super soft padding on the sides, on the chin and an anatomical headpiece.

The best Italian premium leather quality rounded off with individual shiny stone elements on the noseband for your radiant appearance.



Please specify the desired stone colors for the recesses in the order window!

There are some inspirations to be found in the LOOKBOOK .


The leather halter is custom-made and cannot be exchanged. If desired, a test halter can be ordered in advance to determine the size.


There may be different delivery times at any time, we will be happy to inform you on request.

Big Stones leather halter

  • Für eine optimale Pflege unserer Lederartikel sollte unser Lederpflege-Set verwendet werden. 

    - optimale Abstimmung auf unser Leder

    - sehr einfache und schnelle Anwendung welche in die tägliche Routine einfach eingebunden werden kann 

    - beste Inhaltsstoffe 

    - hoher Schutz und Pflege für dein Schmuckstück

  • Our halter fitting is regular.


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