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Royal H. Bitless Royal Bridle


Pre-order, delivery around January 2021


The flat-sewn Royal H. "Bitless Royal" bridle is a very beautiful, elegant, hand-made bitless bridle and / or cavesson.


The new Italian premium leather hugs the head of your horse / pony like a dream.


The noseband is conical in shape, approx. 4.5 cm wide and has an English noseband.


The new anatomical premium headpiece ensures maximum wearing comfort thanks to pressure relief and extra ear clearance. Especially suitable for very sensitive horses.


Reins can be attached to the left and right of the bridle.

Thanks to the ring on the nose, the bridle can be used as a cavesson.

An additional ring is attached to the bottom, on the closure of the noseband for guiding and / or lunging.


The bridle is currently available for pre-order in black or brown leather.


The bridle is delivered without reins.

These can be ordered separately.


There may be different delivery times at any time, we will be happy to inform you on request.

"Bitless Royal"

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