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Royal H. Bridle Bag


Our beautiful, noble, lovingly handcrafted Royal H. "Bridle-Bag" to protect your piece of jewelry.


In our Royal H. Manufactory in Northern Germany, our high-quality, handcrafted "bridle bags" are made individually for you.


- high-quality outer material in black, the inner lining made of breathable 3D mesh material

- the glitter line and the stick is optionally in gold or silver

- 3D mesh fabric on the bottom allows moisture to escape

- Whether at the tournament, in the stable or in the saddle room, the "bridle bag" can be hung up and taken off as quickly as possible thanks to our Velcro system

- Bridle is also attached inside with our Velcro system

- Practical inside pocket ensures good storage of horse passport, gloves, head numbers and much more

- For a surcharge of + 10EUR the horse or stable name can be embroidered, this is always embroidered under the Royal H. logo


Delivery time approx. 7-10 days


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