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Pre-order , delivery around the end of January / beginning of February

The Royal H. browband for your faithful partner horse is lovingly handcrafted.

The browband made from our Italian premium leather is available in different colors and sizes.

Please indicate the size of your bridle / curb

This is how we make your browband for a normal swing:

For flat-sewn bridles, one size larger than the size of the bridle.

Two sizes larger than the size of the bridle for round-stitched bridles.

If you hang a heavy object (lunge, saddle girth, etc.) in the middle of the browband for a few days, it hangs beautifully and hugs your head.

The browband is removed from the bridle, laid flat on the floor and measured including the loops. (Don't pull the swing straight!)

The size of the bridle is specified in the ordering process:

There may be different delivery times at any time, we will be happy to inform you on request.

Browband Clincher Royal

69,00 €Price
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