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Royal H. Custom-made


Create one of our beautiful bridles and doublebridles individually.


Choose your favorite Royal H. 2.0 model and design your new piece of jewelry according to your wishes.


You will always receive one of our test bridles or curbs in advance to determine the correct size, as they are always custom-made.

These cannot be exchanged and the production time takes about 10 weeks.


The test bridle will then be tried on by you and the order form will be filled out with all your wishes.


There may be surcharges due to special dimensions (partial and full dimensions) as well as other additional requests.

The special color is included in the price.


All models are made from our new Italian premium leather, which hugs the head of your horse / pony like a dream.


The noseband has a conical shape, approx. 4.5 cm at its widest point and is fitted with a Swedish noseband.

The side cushions are newly revised, stronger and softer, this prevents unintentional pinching and pressing.


The buckling in the neck ensures that the pressure is evenly distributed. Many horses respond with a more stable contact and better permeability.


The completely redesigned, exclusive headpiece has a narrow cut, runs through the browband and is firmly connected to the throat strap.


Our Royal H. safety belt protector provides extra protection and does not get trapped when closing the sensitive horse's mouth.


The bridle is delivered including reins (web reins).

Special reins can be ordered:

Leather reins with bars or leather reins with bars and internal rubber coating


By default, we always make the browband two sizes larger than the bridle. So there is a much nicer swing on the horse's head.


Please specify the stone colors you want for the browband!

In LOOKBOOK some inspiration can be found.


The bridle cannot be exchanged.


Different delivery times can occur at any time, we will be happy to inform you on request.

Custom-made Bridles

  • Für eine optimale Pflege unserer Lederartikel sollte unser Lederpflege-Set verwendet werden. 

    - optimale Abstimmung auf unser Leder

    - sehr einfache und schnelle Anwendung welche in die tägliche Routine einfach eingebunden werden kann 

    - beste Inhaltsstoffe 

    - hoher Schutz und Pflege für dein Schmuckstück

  • Unsere Trensen fallen normal aus.

    Damit dein neues Schmuckstück deinem Liebling optimal passt und du dir unsicher mit der Größe bist, kannst du vorab auch eine Testtrense bei uns zur Größenermittlung bestellen und sogar damit Probereiten. 

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