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Incrediwear Equine Hoof Socks


The semiconductors Germanium & Carbon, which are woven into the material, form the basis of the special "Incrediwear Equine Technology". When stimulated by body heat, negatively charged ions are released, which stimulate cell vibration and thus increase blood flow: the target tissue is supplied with significantly more oxygen and nutrients.

2 Hoof Socks are always delivered, i.e. for 2 horse legs.

For regeneration and healing processes, the horse's body needs more nutrients in the affected tissue in order to restore its performance. This applies both to phases after intensive stress through training or competitions, as well as in the case of acute injuries, inflammations and the like.

The Incrediwear Equine products unfold their effect as soon as they come into contact with the horse's body and are therefore extremely flexible in the treatment of injuries or can be used as a pure wellness product.
Incrediwear dispenses with compression and additional heat generation, so that the products can also be used in cases of inflammation and various injuries.
A special advantage of Incrediwear Hoof Socks: When wet, they look like an ice pack. The deep tissue is cooled while the body heat is removed from the surface of the skin and the bandages. No cold pack is necessary and the effect can be repeated indefinitely.


Wear Hoof Socks before or after active training or for therapy for injuries.
The Hoof Socks can be worn 24/7 because there is no compression at all.
We recommend that you do not use the Hoof Socks unattended for resting in the stable or for grazing without protecting / securing the product accordingly.
The Hoof Socks must not be used for active training. However, stepping under supervision is not a problem.
Hoof Socks should be worn standing parallel (either on both front legs or on both rear legs or on all four legs at the same time).

Dry application:
When used dry, the Hoof Socks increase blood flow and promote lymphatic drainage. The socks can be used before or after training to promote regenerative processes.

Cold Therapy:
The Incrediwear Equine Hoof Socks are suitable for cold therapy when wet. Simply water the Hoof Socks - this is also possible if the horse is already wearing them. Excess water can be wiped out of the socks by hand.
The effect lasts 45-60 minutes and can be extended by watering again.

Incrediwear Equine products are not doping-relevant and can be used before, during and after competitions.


Incrediwear Equine products are easy to clean.
Wash warm or cold on the gentle cycle - up to a maximum of 40 ° .
Spread flat to dry. Do not spin, bleach, iron or dry clean.

Remove coarse dirt, dust and dirt after use.

Incrediwear Equine products are - like all other leg protection products - subject to natural, usage-related wear and tear. The product lifespan is heavily dependent on product care and the wearer of the product (horse): Heavy trampling of the legs, improperly processed horseshoe nails, sharp-edged irons or teeth can damage the product.
Should this result in smaller holes in the fabric, these can be easily patched - the effectiveness is not impaired.


For hygienic reasons, already applied / used / unpacked Incrediwear products cannot be exchanged.

Incrediwear Equine Hoof Socks

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