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Royal H. round sewn "Royal Blue 2.0" noseband


The round sewn Royal H. noseband is handcrafted from the best Italian premium leather.


The conical noseband is 4.5 cm wide and has a Swedish noseband.

The new padding is extra super soft, padded thicker and hugs the head of your favorite.


Our jumping strap protection take also care for your horse and ensures even greater comfort.


The beautiful, elegant look of the round sewn leather offers the horses a high level of comfort thanks to the buckling in the neck.


Only the noseband is purchased, the remaining parts of the photo are not part of the offer!


There may be different delivery times at any time, in this case we will send you an email with the exact delivery time.


round sewn noseband "Royal Blue 2.0"

  • Our leather care set should be used for optimal care of our leather items.

    -optimal coordination with our leather

    - very simple and fast application which can be easily integrated into the daily routine

    - best ingredients

    - high protection and care for your jewelry

  • Our Bridle fitting is regular.


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