Girth "Dressage Royal H."


Our beautiful handcrafted short girth

"Dressage Royal H." made of the best Italian premium leather.


The anatomical cut protects the sensitive skin areas, no pinching, no bruising, and the horse's sensitive internal organs are also relieved of pressure.


The elastic inserts on both sides of the buckles avoid pressure and the horse can enjoy the greatest possible freedom of movement.


The special gel padding, the pressure is evenly distributed and the chest muscles are relieved.


The extended side pieces of the saddle girth serve to optimally distribute the pressure and this do not press on the elbows and protect the sensitive girth position.


Our saddle girth offers the horse the greatest anatomical and biomechanical freedom and maximum comfort.


We want to offer every horse the best possible and desired comfort.


You can choose between leather, neoprene and fake fur: nature or black.


We have used the best materials for each padding to provide extra soft padding for your darling.

You can change all paddings very quickly and easily with the help of a Velcro fastener on the girth and the counterpart on the padding.


In the middle we have attached a closed hook for auxiliary reins.

If this is not needed, it can simply be closed with the Velcro.


You choose the saddle girth including your desired pad.

The paddings are all available separately.


Neoprene, fake fur washable at 30 degrees

Girth "Dressage Royal H."

  • Our leather care set should be used for optimal care of our leather items.

    - optimal coordination with our leather

    - very simple and fast application which can be easily integrated into the daily routine

    - best ingredients

    - high protection and care for your piece of jewelry

    - The pads (except leather) can be washed at 30 degrees and must not be put in the dryer

  • The fitting is normal.

    The girth is always measured flat on the floor, from buckle end to buckle end.