Royal H. round sewn Bridle Sir Chacka Royal 2.0


The round sewn Royal H. "Sir Chacka Royal 2.0" bridle is a very beautiful, noble, handcrafted bridle with an individual browband, hand-set with shiny glass stones.


The Italian premium leather hugs the head of your horse / pony like a dream.


The noseband is conical, 3 cm wide and has a Hanoverian noseband.

A new pad under the closure of the noseband provides extra padding and optimal pressure distribution on the sensitive chin.

Instead of a ring, the noseband is connected with a triangle, so there is more space for the bit ring.


The buckling in the neck ensures that the pressure is evenly distributed. Many horses respond with a more stable contact and better permeability.


The completely redesigned, exclusive headpiece has a narrow cut, runs through the browband and is firmly connected to the throat strap.

Only two instead of three straps in the neck shell.

A new extra is the new, even softer padding on the sides and neck.


The bridle can be chosen between black and white padding in regular or patent leather.

Other colors (individual bridle) on request.


The bridle is delivered including reins (web reins).

Special reins can also be ordered:

Leather reins with loops or leather reins with loops and rubber inside.


By default, we always make the browband two sizes larger than the bridle. So there is a clearly nicer swing on the horse's head.


Please specify the desired stone colors for the browband! There are some inspirations in the lookbook .


The browband and individual bridles are excluded from exchange.


There may be different delivery times at any time, we will be happy to inform you on request.

round sewn bridle "Sir Chacka Royal 2.0"

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